Government Authorized Tickets for the Mizoram Lottery


The Mizoram state lottery is one of the most popular lottery games in India. People enjoy the excitement that they feel whenever they play this game since the prizes that can be won are very much enticing. Unlike other forms of lottery, the Mizoram lottery can be played by people with ease and peace of mind. They will not worry about fraudulence or legitimacy issues primarily because the lottery is operated by the government and they ensure smooth and honest operations for this game.

The Distributors and Operating Agents

The Mizoram lottery is run by the government throughout the entire country along with all other state lotteries. It operates through the agreements of the directors who act as operating agents and the distributors where the lottery tickets can be purchased.

The Directors come in direct contact with the government. They are pretty much like managers who ensure the smooth operation of the entire lottery system. They make sure that the lottery tickets will be distributed to the distributors and that the tickets will be purchased by the people. On the other hand, the distributors are the direct sellers of the tickets. They are the ones whom the people make direct contact with to purchase lottery tickets.

The Tickets

The lottery tickets for the Mizoram state lottery undergo a series of steps before being distributed to the general public to ensure 100 percent authenticity. Firstly, the directors give their approval for the distribution of the tickets in a safe way. And secondly, the number of tickets produced is pre-determined to make sure that no duplicate or fake tickets will be introduced to the original ones.

The Draw

The lottery draw for the Mizoram state lottery is held every day. It is also open to the general public. It is supervised by a director along with two other judges. If you have a Mizoram state lottery ticket then you can join the actual draw. The time and date of a draw for a lottery ticket is included in the ticket itself. So go to the draw that matches the exact date and time of the draw.

The Results

The results of the Mizoram state lottery is published in websites like the official Gazette, newspapers, and some websites like Mizoram today lottery result. Both the most recent and old results are publishes in these media.



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